Size Chart

Finding the Perfect Hat :


If your face shape is triangular :


Don't do this...


Do this...

If your face shape is square-ish :

Don't do this...

Do this...


If your face shape is round :

Don't do this...

Do this...


Measuring For An Accurate Head-Size :


To get an accurate measurement of your head, take a tape measure and place one end of it in  the center of your forehead. Wrap it around your head evenly, making sure that the tape measure does not slant or bend but goes cleanly around your head (like a cylinder). Note the exact measurement in inches

(i.e.22", 22 1/3", 22 7/8", etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. "How do I get a hat to fit right? They never do in the department stores..."
We customize to your head size when you order a hat... in the shop, we help you choose and then
adjust accordingly....

2. "How do I know what style suits me?"
Please see our amusing article "The Perfect Hat" for some insights on this question...when in
doubt, ask!

3. "Where do I wear a hat?"
I usually say on your head... but seriously, anywhere outside is a great place to wear a hat.
Indoors, at cocktail parties, galas, receptions....

4. "Do I need a special occasion to wear one of your hats?"
Every day you open your eyes and breathe is enough to celebrate - hats are there to help you feel

5. "Will people look at me if I wear a hat?"
Yes, especially men!

6. "How do I take care of my hats?"
With straw, a damp sponge will do to remove soil. Felt can be brushed -- the Victorians used soft
silver handled brushes for their hats. Store them well -- usually one in a hatbox, upside down, in a
nest of tissue, especially if it's an important hat.

7. "Can hats be restored?"
If a hat is made carefully, of quality material, it can usually be restored, changed, and re-modeled.
We supply this service quite often for our customers.

8. "Are there different hats for different seasons?"
Victorians wore straw trimmed with velvet in the fall. Flappers wore pale felts in the summer with
their "summer furs." Climates are different around the world so when you travel, seasons may
overlap. Wear something appropriate to your life and you can't go wrong. Remember, it's your
head and when in doubt, ask!

9. "Is it hard to buy a hat as a gift?"
If you know a person's style, it's very easy to buy them a hat, and everyone loves the fantasy of a
new hat! We have gift certificates for those in doubt, and we're always available for a quick

10. "How can you tell if it's a good hat?"
"Good" is relative, but certainly, there should be no glue, unless feathers are involved. Fur, felt, and
real straw, not plastic or paper. Hand stitching, generous, and careful construction is important, too.
But most of all it should make your eyes light up when you put it on cytotec for induction!